Happy Valentines Day!

Many years ago, maybe 10 or more, I use to write poetry -humor, love, general poems. The wife mentioned this a few months ago, and I still haven’t been able to find my muse in hiding. Even my humor muse had vanished. I suppose every writer has this; out will come back, one of these days.

So since I lost it, thought I would share the ones I still have: This one I wrote for our wedding nine years ago.


When you’re in my arms

I feel secure.

Enjoying your charms,

Its love I’m sure.


You take me away

To a quiet place.

Where fear is gone

And desire takes its place.


Our time together is

Unfortunately short.

To be with you forever,

Is a dream from my heart.


To see you in the morning

When I awake.

To be in your arms

Before I sleep.


Your face, your touch

Your eyes, your laughter

Your smile, your voice.

To be forever near you,

Makes my heart rejoice.


I want to be forever near you.

For dreams are not enough.

To walk, to laugh,

To play, to live.

Always loving, always loved.

For now, forever.

For always beloved.


This is what I came up for for my wife, she hung it on her wall at work.

I tried to write a haiku about how much I enjoy thinking of you,

But they don’t use enough syllables for what I need to say.

I tried to tweet how much I like being near you, in fewer than 140 characters,

But there was not enough letters to convey my thoughts.

I tried to write a sonnet, as well as Shakespeare,

But his words pale against what I feel for you.

I tried to make a musical better than Rogers  & Hammerstein,

But none of the dancers are as beautiful as you.

I thought of flowers, but they wilt,

And don’t last as long as my love for you will.

Happy Valentines Day.


About hutch1957

Brian Hutchinson was born in the cold windy city of Cleveland, Ohio over fifty-three years ago. Soon afterwards he found his roots, actually tripped over a few first, in Cincinnati, Ohio. In school, he quickly took an interest in literature and writing and over the past forty years has tried to improve his talents. His hobbies, or what managed to interest him for a short time, have been photography, ham radio, movies, science fiction and TV. After surviving marriage for 22 years and two kids, he became single again and remarried a year later, inheriting two more kids. In his spare time he enjoys self torture and playing WoW, reading and watching mysteries and scifi. He has had many professions, and has finally settled down as a Security Guard. Now he twitters and writes in his spare time, or while he is at work. (Which is really the same thing.)

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  1. Wow, beautiful odes to your wife. Very moving and touching. Happy Valentines! 😀

  2. Thank you very much, you also!

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