Hello, been a while – too long in fact.

My day started off fine, normal 3:15 wakeup call on the alarm, and then I spent a few hours flying around Azeroth with a snot nosed kid following me around. It is Orphan Week in Stormwind and I volunteered to take the little turd to Westfall and then to Ironforge. I couldn’t believe they opened up Old Ironforge to show off the frozen king beneath the throne. But the kid thought it was cool. After that a boat to Darnassus and then back to Stormwind for a kite and more fattening stuff. It’s bad enough I can’t stay away from it at home, but now it finds me out here as well. I can’t really say I was volunteering, since I got paid in good gold. If I have another chance, I need to get back to Shatterath City for the Darkmoon festival too. Last time I was there someone one was dancing around with a sword and almost split me open. Speaking of sword dances, I found a nice little trinket as I passed through the Badlands, a golden mug. When I rubbed it I saw an image, four dwarfs dancing around waving swords. It looked oddly familiar.

I took a second as I flew to glance around the real world. I noticed that one of my books got a review on Smashwords. It is about time! Thank you mystery reviewer for your honesty and reading my book. I never heard of John Norman or his Gor series of books until I looked him up on Wikapedia this morning, they look interesting, but honestly with all I have to do in Azeroth this week – I really don’t see me having the time to check them out.

Science Fiction is a strange genre to be sure, that is one reason it is called fiction. I’m sure you can compare every single book out there to someone else’s and to be honest I am flattered when my writing is compared to someone else’s. And one more thing, if you have seen as much horror and sci-fi as I have, something is bound to over flow. Trust me, if I would have read a canon of books (26 now I think) I would have remembered it.

Let me spend a few more hours in Azeroth….

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Brian Hutchinson was born in the cold windy city of Cleveland, Ohio over fifty-three years ago. Soon afterwards he found his roots, actually tripped over a few first, in Cincinnati, Ohio. In school, he quickly took an interest in literature and writing and over the past forty years has tried to improve his talents. His hobbies, or what managed to interest him for a short time, have been photography, ham radio, movies, science fiction and TV. After surviving marriage for 22 years and two kids, he became single again and remarried a year later, inheriting two more kids. In his spare time he enjoys self torture and playing WoW, reading and watching mysteries and scifi. He has had many professions, and has finally settled down as a Security Guard. Now he twitters and writes in his spare time, or while he is at work. (Which is really the same thing.)

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