Movies they make me watch. Chapter 1

For two weeks we have had two envelopes from Netflix sitting by the TV, waiting impatiently to be watched. With the little pieces of excitement lately, we really haven’t had a chance.

When Gimpy hobbled in Saturday night, (She had to get out of the house, after three days she tends to get stir crazy if she stays in one place too long.) I finally got a chance to suggest we watch them. I wasn’t sure what they were until the wife, T, opened them up; “The Expendables” and “Dinner for Schmucks.

Gimpy wanted to watch the hair ball goofy comedy. I put my foot down and said “No, we are watching Sly, Arnold and all the tough guys beating people up.”

We watched “Dinner for Schmucks.

This 2010 silly screwball comedy wasn’t really too bad. I think I remembered smiling a couple of times, at what parts I am not sure. (I try to hide the smirks and laughs when we watch these because I don’t want them to think I like them.)

Paul Rudd stars as Tim, a man wanting to rise up in the company, which means moving up to another floor. Fortunately, an opening just became available. In order to prove himself he pulls off a stunt that actually gets him noticed and invited to a dinner by his boss, Lance Fender, played by Bruce Greenwood. This is a different kind of dinner. It seems as if they collect fools. The one that brings the best fool wins a prize.

Tim’s girl Julie (Played by Stephanie Szostak – I never heard of her before, but she looked familiar and was cute so I am sure we will see her around) isn’t too fond of this idea and tells him not to do it. He agrees, but does it anyway. Of course she gets pissed, and leaves to go to a ranch owned by a crazy artist.

At first, Tim doesn’t know who he can take with him, until he runs into Barry, a timid, taxidermist with a very odd hobby. Nothing sick, I think. Steve Carell plays a very good fool, and he does it well in this one. The first time I saw him in a movie was “The Forty Year old Virgin,” and I hated that one. His attempt to recreate Maxwell Smart wasn’t too bad. Maybe someone liked it and that is why he left The Office.

Once Tim invites Barry to the Dinner of Fools, the fun begins. A little crazy, a little stupid in parts (Mind control—really!) and the dinner is a fiasco all by itself. I did see a few pieces of Jeff Dunham in there. If he was in it for more than the few shots he took – it would have been better. I would have preferred to watch a whole 90 minutes of Achmed the Terrorist then this piece of junk. But since it made me laugh and even smile once or twice – and shake my head in disgust more than that, I will give it three stars.

If they will allow me, “The Expendables” may get viewed tonight. If so, I’ll post a review Wednesday.

What crazy movies did you watch this weekend, if any at all?


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  1. Those sound interesting, Brian.

    I rewatched Pride & Prejudice for the 5,000th time. lol Husband and I watched Weeds on Netflix.

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