Weekend movie torture

A little history lesson if you don’t mind. The Green Hornet arrived on the airwaves on January 31st, 1936. Britt Reid was a newspaper owner by day and the Green Hornet by night, a vigilante crime fighter. The radio series went on for about 10 to 12 years then the creators decided to make a couple of movie serial’s, One was The Green Hornet in 1940 and The Green Hornet Strikes Again in 1941. The original radio actor, Al Hodge did the voice over whenever the mask was on – dubbing the original voice of actor Gordon Jones in the first movie, the second movie stared Warren Hull, as to the voice of the Green Hornet – I am not sure if they used the same one or not. Keye Luke, the number one son of Charlie Chan in the movies and Master Po from the TV show Kung-fu, played Kato. He also played a part in Star Trek: TOS as Dr. Cory in the episode Whom Gods Destroy. Between 1966 and 1967 I got my first introduction to The Green Hornet through the TV series starring Van Williams as Britt Reid as the Green Hornet and Bruce Lee as Kato. It also starred an awesome car with a tone of gadgets called The Black Beauty. In the show The Green Hornet was labeled as highly intelligent, a master Detective that’s fights more with his brain then his brawn.

You may be wondering where this is going, well here it is. Over the weekend I had the unfortunate experience of watching Seth Rogan (?) as The Green Hornet and all I can say is “Boo!” This is the worst adaptation of a classic superhero movie I have ever seen. I understand the theory behind making it different, changing a few things that always crop up in super hero movies, but it didn’t work for me. Rogan wasn’t just the star (and I use that term loosely) he also wrote and produced it. The real star was the Black Beauty; the surprise was Jay Chou as Kato. Chou is a superstar in China – and from what I saw is very good at what he does over there. Hopefully this will not ruin his career.  My thought is, if you are going to make a super hero remake, get it right. If you are going to do a satire, rename it something like…The Green Bee. Enough said. I also refuse to put the trailer for that piece of junk in here, so we will stay with this:

Another movie we caught over the weekend was The Tourist.  We figured with Johnny Depp (I accidently told my wife his name was Johnny Deep and she thought it was a porn movie) and Angelina Jolie it couldn’t be too bad. The story is of spies, mistaken identities and deception, filmed against the beautiful back drop of Venice. It wasn’t horrible, I gave it three stars – but even with all the twists and turns I easily figured the ending out. A couple of times I thought I was wrong so it kept the suspense up anyway. It was a lot better than the other one.

We also tried to watch Michael Caine in Harry Brown. It was moving so slow we decided to stop it after a long 30 minutes.

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Next week it will be Little Fockers (Gee, who picks these any way) and Unstoppable.

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