To Die a Slow Death, part 3, lets do this again.

In Wrath of the Lich King (WoTLK) they introduced the Death Knight, a hero class toon that started at level 55 as a pawn to the evil Lich King. You leveled in a specific area and eventually learned the truth about your beloved King. You could play this as Horde or Alliance, I did both. You also got introduced to a new area on the map where everyone struggled played to hit 80, Northrend.

Changes are good sometimes. When I first started you walked everywhere, unless you could afford a ride from one of the few flight points, until you hit level 40. Not only did they change it to 20, they made the cost cheaper. This pissed me and a few other people off because even at 40 I had to grind for days to get the amount of gold I needed to learn how to ride. Other changes that happen during WoTLK included flying. At first you couldn’t have your own flying mount until you hit 70, and the speed wasn’t that fast, yet the price was high. Once hitting Northrend you couldn’t fly until you hit 73 or 74, I honestly can’t remember. You had to shell out 4000 gold for that also. I suppose this made people upset because it was changed again, I’m assuming because of the large amount of complaints Blizzard received. Flying level went down to 60 in the Outlands, where the Burning Crusade took place, and you could now fly in Northrend at 68, as long as you had a character that could already do it. I think the price went down too. This also let you travel faster, if you could get your hands on a good fast mount.

And if you ever got tired of the same old grind you could try some of the achievements they came up with. Artlu managed to get a white dragon after finding 50 mounts, but they were expensive. My step daughter did most of the work in getting them.  Now he is up to 61.

Other things began to change, a little for the best. Now you didn’t have to ask in chat to see if anyone cared to join you in a dungeon, all you did was hit a button in the interface and you were in a queue for the next available one. You could either select a specific dungeon or do a random one and have no idea where you were going, hence the term “random.” I had to explain that to a few people that were new to the game – newbies.

The problem with random dungeons is you never knew where you would end up or who you would end up with. In my case – I wasn’t that good, but I wasn’t as bad as this guy,

If that video doesn’t work try this

That video was from 2006. One of the achievements pinned the last name Jenkins to your character if you managed to do the same thing. Luckily for me I had a pretty decent guild that didn’t mind working with level 70 to 80 newbies. To get the good gear you had to do the dungeons or the dailies in Northrend that would raise your reputation with that specific fraction. That was something everyone wanted to do not only to get the good gear, but to get special gear that you could use on any of your toons and never have to upgrade again. There was one batch of daily quests set in the frozen mountain waste of the Stone Peaks that had so many sexual innuendoes in the titles I knew they were written by men.

I surprised myself by finding out I actually liked doing these quick little dungeons, I also figured out how to fight my opponent more effectively and which spells would do the most damage. Not to mention all the advice everyone gave me on armor and talents. I even got to the point where I could go through an entire dungeon and not die. With the two difficulty levels, regular and Heroic, you had to run the dialies and do PvP Battlegrounds to get the gear to do the Heroics. I discovered I enjoyed killing other players, and they enjoyed killing me.

I had some bad experiences doing randoms, but not because I died. Sometimes you would get a great group of people together and manage to run threw faster than ever. Other times you got the idiots that had thier own way, which was wrong. (That isn’t really fair because different people have different styles.)

Once, my Death Knight pulled the Boss that the tank was beating on. The tank does the most damage while every one else pummels him a little softer so the Boss would focus most of his attack on the tank. Well Brilance “accidentally” used a death grip spell (that button was right next to the button I wanted to push.) which picked up the Boss and put him infront of me. Opps. No one died but the tank yelled something insulting and called me a name I refuse to dirty my blog with. All I said back to him was, “I’m sorry, I just paid $300.00 for this toon and this is my first day.” I clicked on the exit dungeon button and he faded away, but not before he said, “Sadly, I actually believe that.”

Mistakes like that made me glad I not only played with random people, they were from random realms and chances were I would never see these people again.

Like the tank that materialized in a dungeon wearing nothing, except shorts. He was immediately kicked and I waited for five minutes before I left. Those and a few other incidents convinced me to only do randoms if I could get some guild members to join me.

My warlock, Artlu, was the first to hit 80 and I yelled “Game over!”

Part 4 hits tomorrow, stay tuned.

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  1. I’ve never played this game, but had fun reading your posts.

    Hope the writing is going well, Brian. 🙂

  2. Hi Mary, my writing is doing well, Getting a plot together for Nanowrimo. Thanks for visiting.

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