Of Help, Tron and Super 8

This weekend at the movies almost hit a high note, being one of my better movie renting weekends in a long time, worthy enough to write about. We will start with the oldest.

1982 in movies almost looked like a year of sequels; I counted nine including “Star Trek II”, and a mixture of horror sequels like “Amityville II”, “Halloween III” and “Rocky III”. In June, Disney released “Tron”. Unfortunately for them it fought tooth and nail with Star Trek and ET that year so the box office results were not that pretty. This was also the year of “Bladerunner”, “The Dark Crystal”, and “Poltergiest”. Plus John Carpenter’s “The Thing”, which explains why Disney used Jeff Bridges in “Tron” instead of using Kurt Russell. I’m not really sure who would have been better at it but the acting was a little bad. Thirty years ago, (showing my age again) I loved video games, spending a lot of afternoons in arcades and I was looking forward to this movie. My exact impressions of it when I saw it for the first time are lost in the cloudy web of my memory. I only rented it because I had “Tron: Legacy” in my que and I can’t possibly watch the sequel to a movie over 30 years old when I haven’t seen the first movie more than once or twice. My wife refused to watch it so I started it alone. That right there should have warned me. The acting was ….well…it still just wasn’t there for me. Never did finish watching it. I think I have to watch “Tron: Legacy” alone too. (Or maybe send it back without opening it.)

My step daughter’s friend brought a movie over Saturday, I figure they just couldn’t find anywhere else to watch it so they came over for a short visit for the first time in a week. She looked dead at me and said, “Sorry B…It’s a chick flick, but it’s good.”

She was right; “The Help” is a story about a writer in 1960’s Jackson Mississippi that gets the notion in her head to write about life as a maid during the Civil Rights Movement, from the maid’s perspective. This true story held my attention, made me laugh and even feel bad sometimes. I will never look at a piece of pie the same way again. I highly recommended this to all. The acting, writing and historical accuracy (as far as I know) were perfectly done.

Probably my favorite scene:

The last one was a pleasant surprise.

               No, this is not a zombie movie, sort of. Super 8 is yet another movie that starts off making you think you will be watching an alien invasion movie—seen enough of those this year—but it is not. The tale is of a group of kids that are helping a friend shoot a movie when they witness a train wreck. Something in the train escapes and causes strange havoc in this small town. I didn’t catch exactly when this movie took place but possibly twenty years after the excitement in Roswell New Mexico. Produced by Steven Speilberg and written, produced and directed by J.J. Abrams (my, he has been busy). This is another must see movie about a lost alien trapped on Earth that just wants to go home—filled with a pie full of new young actors and a few older ones that help them hold it together like Kyle Chandler. This may seem like E.T. (Another movie from some young director back in 1982 that was the story of a group of kids finding a lost alien that just wants to leave) but only in pieces.

I am glad it wasn’t another alien invasion movie because I am getting tired of those. I do believe that Earth has been visited before—I don’t think they stayed long. I actually don’t blame them. However, according to Hollywood I think we have been invaded over one hundred times at least by evil aliens that wanted something from us. I suppose I would like a more peaceful invasion, like this one here:

               I can’t wait for that one. So, what are your thoughts? Do you think we have been visited by aliens? Or did they just hit orbit, observe and leave?


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  1. Hi, Brian! We are about the same age (I’m 51), I also love movies, and I also was a regular at the arcade in the early eighties. screenwriters must be running out of things to write about if they have to dig that far back for a sequel! 🙂

    • They have been running out of ideas for a while. I just finished watching Tron Legacy and it wasn’t as good as I thought it would be. But I heard they may be doing yet another sequel. 😦

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