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I’ve been very bad lately; as far as writing goes I haven’t done anything except a little reading.  If you follow me on Goodreads you may notice I am trudging my way through Tarnsman of Gor, only because I was curious about it—but I know I won’t read the whole series.  I took a break from it for a while and started reading one of the books on writing I got for Christmas, Stephen King’s On Writing, which I am finding to be an enjoyable and thought provoking read.

With all this and dealing with my addictive personality—yes, I found another game to torture my senses with, I thought I would get a little editing done on The Set’la—but family stuff has cropped up a little lately, like all things I will sit back and deal with it.

Of course when I think I have a grasp on the situation and realize I need to write more I arrive at another setback. I sat down at my laptop Saturday morning and powered it up, since my desktop has been over heating I have been using it more than normal, and it powered up just fine—the screen didn’t come on which has happened a couple of times  and always came back with a restart. Not his time. Hooking up a spare monitor I had lying around my desk I started I it up again, still searching the internet for clues as to what the frak was wrong with my very expensive gaming laptop.

When I called Dell they told me the one thing I did know; “Your warrantee has expired and we will have to charge you for the technical help. But you can always pay $500.00 dollars to update your warranty for a year.” Another check mark on my theory that all computers are meant to break down soon after the warranty expires, and when you sign up for the extended version they transmit a signal that kills the little virus and the computer goes back to normal. I decided I didn’t want to play this game and hung up after filling their ears with maniacal laughter.

I few more internet searches on why my laptop was suddenly possessed and then I gave up for a while. An hour later, approaching it carefully I turned it on. The drive kicked in, the lights on the keyboard came up, then flashed, and then did it again for about five minutes. Presently the laptop from hell is sitting at Microcenter where they will look at it eventually.  Unfortunately everything I was working on is on that laptop—hopefully they will be able to save it. The one time I don’t back up my stuff and this happens. Fraking wonderful.

So until I get MY laptop back, I will be forced to use the wife’s. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great laptop—but it does not have any games on it. That may be good thing. The one bad thing, I have to suffer through regular TV without any distractions. But, at least I am finishing up my Battlestar Galactica marathon.


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Brian Hutchinson was born in the cold windy city of Cleveland, Ohio over fifty-three years ago. Soon afterwards he found his roots, actually tripped over a few first, in Cincinnati, Ohio. In school, he quickly took an interest in literature and writing and over the past forty years has tried to improve his talents. His hobbies, or what managed to interest him for a short time, have been photography, ham radio, movies, science fiction and TV. After surviving marriage for 22 years and two kids, he became single again and remarried a year later, inheriting two more kids. In his spare time he enjoys self torture and playing WoW, reading and watching mysteries and scifi. He has had many professions, and has finally settled down as a Security Guard. Now he twitters and writes in his spare time, or while he is at work. (Which is really the same thing.)

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  1. Bruce, I’m very fortunate to have a wonderful techie son when things in computerland go wrong. But still, I don’t have a laptop and feel I’ve somehow missed out on the 21st century by not having a tablet at least. However, I do have a Kindle and read great stuff on writing as well as books like Highway to Hell, which help with my efforts at producing a horror anthology.

    I’d love to hear more about your writing. It’s horror, isn’t it? Any tips from Stephen King’s book on writing? I love to hear about fellow writers and their lives, especially those who are actually successful at the craft.

    Carry on, McDuff.

    • Hi Kenna, thanks for visiting. At the moment I have one published SCIfi and a few more in my head waiting. One horror is being devolped. I will share a a few things I discover after I finish the other two.

  2. I clicked like because this is such an intriguing story — but for all the wrong reasons.

    I’m sad to hear of the ugly death of your laptop. Those silly computer companies are a great help, hey? Not.

    I was wondering why I hadn’t seen you around on the blogosphere lately. Anyway, good luck! It sounds like a sticky situation.

    • Hi novel, thanks for the visit. Hopefully my laptop will be in my hands within the next two weeks. I am behind on everyones blog, while at work today I will attempt to catch up.;)

  3. Sorry you are having a hard time writing, but maybe On Writing will help inspire you again

  4. It has Missy, trying to draw up a horror plot which will be great!

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