Where have you been?

Just the other day my Twitter went off, that does sound bad doesn’t it.

The talented Jennifer M Eaton asked a very good question: Where have you been?

I once was there,

But now I am not.

Even though I

Liked it a lot.

The hours were tough,

The work too damn easy.

Yes sometimes I slept,

But I woke up quickly.

A month before it all went down,

I began to wear a frown.

The company taking over

Just didn’t want me around.

Looking for something to ease my pain,

I searched the Internet for one more game.

Sucked down inside it I was,

Never saw it coming.

Second Life is my new buzz.

So for the missing comments, I apologize.

My inbox fills up daily and I must compromise.

Taking each one in turn,

Catch up reading that will make my eyes burn.

I’ll get to you as soon as I can,

Please don’t forget I’m an addictive kind of man.

To answer any question,

Yes I am still employed.

A different place,

A brand new schedule.

Too damn busy to check my Gmail!

Yeah, that explains it.


About hutch1957

Brian Hutchinson was born in the cold windy city of Cleveland, Ohio over fifty-three years ago. Soon afterwards he found his roots, actually tripped over a few first, in Cincinnati, Ohio. In school, he quickly took an interest in literature and writing and over the past forty years has tried to improve his talents. His hobbies, or what managed to interest him for a short time, have been photography, ham radio, movies, science fiction and TV. After surviving marriage for 22 years and two kids, he became single again and remarried a year later, inheriting two more kids. In his spare time he enjoys self torture and playing WoW, reading and watching mysteries and scifi. He has had many professions, and has finally settled down as a Security Guard. Now he twitters and writes in his spare time, or while he is at work. (Which is really the same thing.)

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  1. Lmao!! I love it.

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