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What’s Your Resolution

Mine is usually 1080p – kidding. Normally I don’t even have a resolution because I never wanted to waste my time deciding what I wanted to give up and then never actually giving it up. I happen to like all my weird habits.

Smoking? Gave that up over a year ago – I don’t consider the ecig I am always puffing on smoking – yet it does have nicotine and I do have to stand in the smoking area – on the sidewalk off property – when I do it at work. Sort of kills the whole idea having to inhale second hand smoke.

Eating healthy? Difficult to do when the person you live with likes to eat sweet things and the kids always bring in the nice fattening stuff that I really shouldn’t eat, but I do anyway. And besides – who can resist a Reece’s Cup?

I do need to write more, but since the last review I got on a book didn’t do much for my ego I haven’t written much at all. I know that shouldn’t have much to do with it. Maybe I just have to finish one. Or, better yet – redo the “Story of Terania” because a few things were a little off on it – easy fixes. I could go on with this issue, but in reality – they are only more excuses for not doing it.

It is always easy to make a resolution, but to follow it out is something a lot of people have problems doing. It is a change of life – some people don’t like resolutions only because they don’t like change. Some people, like me, don’t make them because they know they won’t keep them. So do yourself a favor – make a resolution – to not make a resolution. Usually works for me.


A year of what?

What a year.

I couldn’t help but notice that most of the writers I have met through twitter are celebrating the end of the year with blogs of note worthy happenings of 2010.
As I sit here in my little guard shack thumbing through them I began thinking, what note worthy thing have I done?

And the question still lingers, waiting patiently for an answer.

I have published a book after saying I would for the past twenty years. Can we say procrastinator?

I quit smoking after trying for thirty years. I do enjoy a pipe in the evenings, it helps relax me.

I haven’t killed anyone this year no matter how much I wanted to.

Unlike a lot of people I have met at work, in the guise of a security officer, I am still here. What comes next year is fate. Some of them I will miss others I only wanted to shoot. Not to kill. Suffering is good for the soul.

And as I always do I have made more than one person smile or laugh, either on purpose or accident.

I know it doesn’t seem like a lot but the point here is that I did something.

As for 2011, well I would love to publish at least two or three more books, actually selling one or two would also be nice

Weight loss is heavy on my mind lately; (Sorry about that.) I got down to 190 once, for a few hours.

I don’t really make resolutions because I never keep them unless I make one not to make resolutions.

These are my goals. I’m happy with what I have done in 2010 and I have made my wife happy by not killing her kids and I do hope to continue that next year, since them moving out is probably not an option at this point.

What I am worried about next year: very soon we will be losing someone very close to us. That will be hard. And I am not sure if I will be working where I am next year or next month.

Fate has a way of surprising you when you least expect it, but like always we will conquer whatever comes up.


May you conquer your fears, respect your peers, and always smile and act like you are enjoying it.
PS, I was thinking about posting a celebrity death list but I think that would be too morbid and I am sure someone else will do that.

Okay, I couldn’t resist. RIP;

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