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7 x 7 Link award

It’s been a while since I have blogged, so this one must be special. As I was catching up on all the blogs I follow as much as I can, my fingers found Jennifer Eaton’s blog, which I have followed since I discovered her and back a little. She received yet another award last week (Sorry I am late ringing your bell) called the 7 x 7 link award.

This doesn’t have a lot of requirements so I suppose I am worthy enough to achieve such an honor. The rules of this are as follows,

1)      Thank the person that gave you the award. This was an easy issue which I have solved in the first few seconds of writing this masterpiece.

2)      Write a post about said award. Umm, okay.

3)      Answer 7 questions about yourself. This could really get me in trouble.

4)     Link to
7 of your own posts: Most Surprisingly Successful, Most Underrated, Most Popular, Most Beautiful, Most Helpful, Most Controversial and Most Pride-Worthy. Oh no! I hate homework.

5)      Pass the award along to 7 bloggers that you think deserve it. Decisions decisions.

Thanks Jennifer! Her blog is full of helpful hints and tips on writing. Her style is just perfect and I really love the cute little pictures she puts in it. If you haven’t met her go over and read her series on The Gold Mine Manuscript. That is what started me reading her and it should do the same for you.

In case you didn’t realize, I am writing a post about the award at this very moment so I will skip this part of the requirements.

Oh boy…I’ll be right back, need to figure out some questions. Feel free to hang around here until my return…

Okay, I’m back. Sorry it took so long—slow computer.


Favorite color:  This would have to be purple. Or maybe black. Tough decision.

Favorite number: This would be sixty-nine. The reason is…it was a good year, yeah that’s it. It was a good year.

Favorite passion: That would be s….never mind. Since I have an addictive personality this changes from one thing to another on a constant basis, presently it is a game that isn’t a game called Second Life. (Normally, I would link this but I can’t because I am at work and the site is forbidden. DAMN!) After that it would be writing and reading.

Favorite day of the week: Right now it is Monday because I only work four hours. This is bound to change on any upcoming schedule.

Favorite alcoholic drink: Long Island Ice Tea

Favorite non-alcoholic drink: Do they still make those? The correct answer is Raspberry Green Tea, I almost drink more of that than I do coffee.

Facebook or Twitter: I use both about the same, these are easy to become so addictive to I try to stay away from them so I check them a couple times a day. I always throw every blog I read onto Twitter and Facebook and stay away from the silly games as much as I can. (To become addicted to something I actually have to like it.) Other than that I share, like, and retweet what I can.

Seven Posts in the following categories:

Most Surprisingly Successful: Actually, this was just a General Update about my progress in writing life and other adventures.  6 views, about as many comments.

Most Underrated: The Weeding..or something like that. Was the result of entering a  contest over here that everyone seemed to like, and the comments were very positive, but I think they forgot to hit the “like” button.

Most Popular:  This one didn’t surprise me at all, my Ships Of the Line for the Star Trek blog fest got 36 hits and 30 comments.

Most Beautiful: In looks my obit for Ch Lajosmegyi Bator Bulcsu would not be considered beautiful, but I still feel sad when I read it.

Most Helpful: This was a little hard to choose, but I figured that my post on The weekend movie list: was the first post that helped people save themselves from seeing those movies.

Most Controversial:  I don’t really do controversy, maybe that’s why a lot of my ratings are low, but I have a few in mind that will be causing a lot of fireworks in my house.

Most Pride-Worthy:  Am I allowed to pick the same one twice; my favorite is Ships of the Line. Well in case I am not I would say it is this one.

I will agree with Jennifer that this is a cool thing to do, go back and look at your old posts, figure out which one fits best where. But it since I only have 67 posts I didn’t have to go back very far. But if by chance you are reading this and wondering about who I am giving it too, here it comes:

M Pax has been a wonderful commenter, she actually has two blogs out there, one is way over here. I guess that doesn’t count as two, the rest of these inspire me.

Who Am I? | Official Site of Alex Laybourne – Author


Kait Nolan | Action packed paranormal romance

Penny Jar | Memoir. Growing up only as the youngest of 9.

Novel Girl | Clear writing advice, comprehensive book reviews, & author interviews

J.J.Brown Author

These blogs have inspired me and taught me. Have a look and see what you think..