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The Set’la Chapter 2

Hello all, hope every one is having a great Friday.

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A few months ago I put a little bit of chapter one in here,  Out on a Limb, so this week, chapter two was calling for attention. So here we are.

The Set’la Chapter two.

Dani quickly looked up as large shadows blotted out the suns. She had seen the birds in the distance, yet like everything else in this place they weren’t what she expected. They were flying, they had wings, but they were women. Humanoid women.

She would have taken a closer look, but one of the cats was running right for her. As she braced herself to jump out of its way, a stone tipped spear entered the creatures head, knocking it to the ground and exiting through the jaw. All around her, the cats fell at the spears of the flying women.

She finally took a moment to look at her saviors. The wings of all thirteen bird-women ranged in color from gold to a deep blue, with eyes and hair to match. A dried skin, similar to the dead cats scattered around the field, covered their breasts and hips like a bikini on a Florida beach. From spending years out in the suns, their skin had turned a dark golden tan. Glancing down she noticed the few weapons strapped around their waist. The most overwhelming thing about them was their height. The one in front of her was at least ten feet tall and, by her standards, as thin as a rail. The legs were long and bony with the feet being the only parts that didn’t look human. They were prehensile and flat. She supposed that was so they could hold onto things better while they were in flight.

By now, all thirteen Bird-Women surrounded Dani and began whispering in a strange unknown tongue. Her savoir approached her first, the only one with the gold wings, coming toward her cautiously with her arms outstretched. She touched Dani’s shoulder, as if to move her. It felt like she wanted to turn her around. A little concerned, but not wanting to provoke an attack from these women, Dani turned around in a circle until she faced the gold one again.

Everyone seemed to be staring at her, trying to see her back. ‘Perplexed because of my lack of wings,’ she thought. The gold one said a few words that Dani didn’t understand and the other bird-women broke up and began making ropes out of the tall grasses. That’s when she noticed the tails. Beginning at the base of their spine, the tails were about three feet long, hairless, and smooth; they ended with a rounded tip about an inch thick and were constantly moving, yet never touched the ground.

Dani was watching what they were doing, until she noticed her savoir was still staring at her and talking.

“I’m sorry, I don’t understand.” She said as she shook her head.

The gold winged one looked at her quizzically and pointed to herself, “Cathelayna…. Cathelayna. Mog Cathelayna.”

Dani was familiar with those old movies where people came upon someone that didn’t speak their language and introduce themselves. She had always thought they were stupid the way they did that. But hey! If it worked. She pointed to herself and said “Dani.”

The Bird-Woman repeated after her, “Dani.”

“Well shit! It does work. Oh, Dani.” she pointed to herself and then said, “Cathelayna.” pointing to her new friend. She could tell by the large grin on her face that she did it right.

Once the other women finished with the ropes, they began tying up their kill. She spotted a few of them spreading their wings as they leaped into the air. They were beautiful in flight and soared around in a circle at first. A flap of skin on the tail expanded and helped control their course, acting like the rudder of an airplane. Two of them would swoop down, each grabbing one end of their kill, to carry the heavy load between them. After they all got off the ground, Cathelayna motioned for her to follow and leaped into the air.

“God, I’m surrounded by blondes. Hey. I can’t fly!” Dani said as she pointed to her wingless back. At about that time Cathelayna circled around and dived towards her, legs and prehensile feet outstretched.-

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