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You have to be true to your own blood, especially if they are retired and extremely dangerous

More to themselves than anything else.

Due to circumstances that were a little out of control; my 81 year old mother is now the newest member of my immediate family. Add to that a 23 year old stepson and a 21 year old stepdaughter, not to mention the six dogs (one is moms) two ferrets, one cat and one rat, the house has become a little crowded. For some unknown reason the kids are beginning to socialize more in person, having more face to face relationships instead of through a computer monitor. And of course they all congregate at the house. All this makes for a noisy house and leaves me only one place to concentrate on writing, at work. There are still too many interruptions there to get in a decent paragraph.

My mom is alright, fairly healthy but forgetful and a little wobbly on her feet. Other than that she can take care of herself. I just dislike watching news all day long, but I know it could be worse.

Surprisingly enough she doesn’t mind watching the shows we record on the DVR, the weird ones the kids complain about.



For the past month we have been watching True Blood Season 3. Yes we are deprived and don’t have HBO, yet. My wife is a big fan of vampires and watches almost everything out there to do with vampires. Twilight doesn’t appeal to her so we never saw it. She likes the blood and gore about as much as I do. She received True Blood Season 1 for a Christmas present a few years ago and even I got thrown into the life of Sookie Stackhouse and friends. I for one enjoy the older versions of the vampire stories out there, Dracula, Nosferatu, and Anne Rice’s vampire series. (Tried her other books but really never got into them.) But True Blood is totally different.

In this HBO series vampires have come out of the closet or crypt so to speak, and now interact more with humans, only at night, and drink a synthetic mixture called true blood. In season 1 we meet Bill, a vampire that has been around for a couple hundred years. He is infatuated with Sookie – she can read minds, except for vampires. Of course they fall in lust and have a lot of sex, which this show is full of. There is almost as much sex as there is blood. The first seasons explores the realms of vampires and introduces us to a lot other eccentric characters. Sookie’s best friend Tara (spelling) her brother Jason (who is the town idiot that usually is seen having sex with someone.) The area vampire sheriff Eric, who at this time is the oldest vampire we meet. We discover that Sookie’s boss is a shape shifter and this mystery leads us into season 2. This time we have weird people that want to wipe out the vampires because they are evil. There is also some type of voodoo priestess that ends up controlling everyone’s mind, except for Sookie and some vampires. We also meet the woman (would a female vampire be a vampires?) that turned Bill and the Queen of the vampires.


Season 3 is a lot better than both those, which is the way it should be. We learn a few things about Bill, and what he is actually doing in Sookie’s life. And some more about Sookie’s amazing powers and what she is. (Sorry – if you’re looking for spoilers, look somewhere else.) We also meet the werewolves. Now these peaked my interest because they were not the normal holly wood version with weird special effects that make their faces distort or have mats of hair glued onto their bodies. They use actual wolfs in the making of this and the only thing they changed were the eye color. The ending of this season puts the mind in gear for Season 4, which we will see when it comes on DVD.

The entire series has a great look to it, very humorous and keeps you wanting a lot more. Considering where they went with season 4, makes you wonder what other supernatural creatures they will come up with for season 5.





Sunday we abandoned all hope and watched RED. RED (Retired and Extremely Dangerous) was a very good movie, surprises and twists everywhere with a great ending. For some reason the very last shot brought back memories of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Hmm. It might have been the music.

RED stars Bruce Willis as retired CIA agent Frank Moses. Not only is her retired, he is extremely bored. He ends up falling for a voice on the phone (been there done that), Sarah Ross – the insurance rep trying to find out why he isn’t getting his retirement checks. She is played by Mary Louise Parker. What does age have to do with love? Just kidding, he is only nine years older than her.

Within the first 10 minutes (I think it was 10) someone, actually a lot of someone’s, try to kill Frank. His first thought is the protection of Sarah so off he runs to kidnap her. Through the journey we meet the CIA agent sent out to retire Frank, William Cooper played by Karl Urban. Some of Frank’s old friends Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich (He does play a great crazy person) and Helen Mirren. Plus an old enemy – Ivan Simanov played by Brian Cox. They soon discover that there is a hit team out for all of them – now they have to find out why and who is behind it.

This movie is highly recommended by me, I enjoyed it anyway. There is lots of gun play and neat little tricks to impress any spy lover, great little splashes of humor – usually delivered effortlessly by John Malkovich.


If you saw these, let me know what you thought of them. Or let me know what you watched this weekend.