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Hello, been a while – too long in fact.

My day started off fine, normal 3:15 wakeup call on the alarm, and then I spent a few hours flying around Azeroth with a snot nosed kid following me around. It is Orphan Week in Stormwind and I volunteered to take the little turd to Westfall and then to Ironforge. I couldn’t believe they opened up Old Ironforge to show off the frozen king beneath the throne. But the kid thought it was cool. After that a boat to Darnassus and then back to Stormwind for a kite and more fattening stuff. It’s bad enough I can’t stay away from it at home, but now it finds me out here as well. I can’t really say I was volunteering, since I got paid in good gold. If I have another chance, I need to get back to Shatterath City for the Darkmoon festival too. Last time I was there someone one was dancing around with a sword and almost split me open. Speaking of sword dances, I found a nice little trinket as I passed through the Badlands, a golden mug. When I rubbed it I saw an image, four dwarfs dancing around waving swords. It looked oddly familiar.

I took a second as I flew to glance around the real world. I noticed that one of my books got a review on Smashwords. It is about time! Thank you mystery reviewer for your honesty and reading my book. I never heard of John Norman or his Gor series of books until I looked him up on Wikapedia this morning, they look interesting, but honestly with all I have to do in Azeroth this week – I really don’t see me having the time to check them out.

Science Fiction is a strange genre to be sure, that is one reason it is called fiction. I’m sure you can compare every single book out there to someone else’s and to be honest I am flattered when my writing is compared to someone else’s. And one more thing, if you have seen as much horror and sci-fi as I have, something is bound to over flow. Trust me, if I would have read a canon of books (26 now I think) I would have remembered it.

Let me spend a few more hours in Azeroth….