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Movies they make me watch, part 2

My weekend went extremely slow, I think it was because my wife was dog sitting for her sister and she was gone a couple nights. You would think I would take this opportunity to edit or rewrite The Set’la. Wrong, I played World of Warcraft instead. I leveled my Mage from 40 to 60. I should have been writing.

I would like to thank the person that purchased my books last week, Thank you! I hope you enjoy the reads.

We had two movies delivered over the week, one got a little destroyed during the delivery process and we figured with the big dent in it it might ruin the player so we sent it back. “Once a Thief” with Chow Yun-Fat. A movie by John Woo can’t be too bad; we may put it back in the que later.

The one movie we did watch was Sylvester Stallone’s “The Expendables” from 2010. Sly directed and wrote the screen play which is your basic “attack the bad guys and kill everyone but escape without a scratch” scenario. There were a few wounds received, but nothing that left much of a mark.

As a side note, I have watched his Rambo movies and the first couple Rocky’s and I watch them for the action. As I looked through IMDB, to make sure I got all the names right, I noticed this was the eighth movie Stallone has directed. Those include the Rocky sequels and the last Rambo.

To this date, I think the best movie he was in was “Cliffhanger” – and I have watched that many times. I’m glad I didn’t go to the theater for this one.

Sly plays the leader of a group of mercenaries that do an odd job or two for unnamed organizations. (Think CIA). His sidekick in all this is Jason Statham, played with his usual tough guy perfection. (My wife told me to add that part).

Mickey Rourke plays the bartender/tattoo artist that seems to be their Old Wiseman. He fits the part.

Sly’s group of mercenaries is hired to assassinate the ruler of a small country by Bruce Willis. I believe he was in there a total of two minutes which was a little longer than Schwarzenegger’s cameo which included a bad, yet still funny, stab at Arnold’s political career. I’m thinking Bruce is a member of the CIA. In case you were wondering that was a spoiler alert – sorry for the late warning.

Sly and Jason take a trip to find out what they can about this General, played by David Zayas – I know him better as Sgt. Angel Batista from “Dexter.” (Awesome show, I missed the last few seasons and am looking forward to the DVD release.) When they arrive they meet up with a leader of the local resistance, female of course, played by Giselle Itie. They soon discover that the General is not the one they are supposed get rid of. Their target is Eric Roberts and his body guard played by Steve Austin. No…not the Six Million dollar man – the wrestler that turned actor – that should have stayed in the business of beating people up – that he does well.

This movie is packed with wrestling stars, old and new tough guys. At sixty-five Stallone is the oldest. You would think someone would tell him that his hair is supposed to be gray at that age and it is okay. I think he shot this movie in the dark more than intended so he would look good after all that plastic surgery. (Does he look in the mirror and actually say, “Damn I look good!”)

One of the most interesting parts was the appearance of Dolph Lungren who starts out as a member of Sly’s team of expert mercenaries and ends up fighting him…yet again. (Think small version of “Rocky”)

Among the heavyweights on Sly’s side is Jet Li, this time wearing steel toed shoes, (can we say dentures?), Randy Couture (never heard of him) as an explosion expert and trigger happy Terry Crews who walks around with a BFG.

Don’t mean to spoil the movie here, but I saw the outcome coming, all the bad guys die and the good guys survive. I was shocked.

Answer me this, how can you miss everyone when you are shooting automatic weapons?

All in all, it was entertaining and if you’re in the mood for a lot of action and killing and explosions I would say. “Watch this movie, only when nothing better is on.”

During my research I discovered that the sequel was thought about before the movie was released into the theaters and if it is still a thought it might be released next year. We shall see.