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It All Seems So Familiar

This weekend was a movie triple header. The first up was “The Kings Speech.” When this movie came out it really didn’t come out and say “Watch me!” In fact, I really had no intention of seeing at all. And of course when it won four Oscars, including Best Picture, Best Actor in a lead role and Best writer/screenplay, I could most definitely say I did not want to see it. When my boss came in one day and said she saw it and it was really good I was beginning to drift a little closer to the thought of watching it. One night as we were surfing through Netflix my wife saw it and asked me to put it in the que. All I got from the trailer was this movie was about a king that needed a speech therapist. I think that is what turned me off to it because I immediately thought of “My Fair Lady.”

I stand corrected, this movie was very good. Colin Furth plays Prince Albert, the Duke of York and tells the true story of his unfortunate stammering, a very serious speech impediment, especially if you do a lot of public speaking. His very first speech, which his father, King George V insisted he do, was a complete disaster. After seeing specialist after specialist he gave up and said never again. His wife, Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (Helena Bonham-Carter – nominated for best supporting actress by Oscar), found one anyway. Lionel Lobe, played by Jeffery Rush did an excellent job and should have gotten the Oscar for his nomination of best supporting actor – but I guess Oscar figured four was enough. One of my favorite scenes was when Bertie heard his voice for the first time. One reason I felt good about this movie could have been the fact that I sort of felt for King George the VI because I also had a speech impediment – it wasn’t stammering, but I hated not being understood and having to go to therapy to learn how to talk. I think even since this was based off fact what really kept the movie interesting were the actors. As good as it was I couldn’t help but notice all the Harry Potter actors that were in it. It was almost a Hogsworth reunion. Here is another favorite scene;

No String Attached was another movie I was skeptical about, maybe because of the appearance of Ashton Kutcher as Adam, (for some reason I never really liked his style of comedy), a screenwriter for a TV show that combines musical numbers and high school. Hmm, sounds familiar. This also stars Natalie Portman as Emma (I wonder if the writers toyed with the idea of naming her character Eve), a medical resident in LA. The two first meet in summer camp and become friends –through the years they meet again a few times until they find out they both live in the same city. They start as friends but end up as friends with benefits. Guess the question here if there is a question, is can a man and women have a NSA relationship without love getting in the way? Unfortunately we know what happens in this movie and how it ends, I suppose what made it interesting and a little humorous in spots was getting to that point. This also stared Kevin Kline as Adam’s father – a successful TV star that is now seeing Adam’s ex-girlfriend, and Ludacris as one of Adam’s best friends and confidants. (Some people should stick with one profession and go with it.) And as an afterthought, I usually have a little bit of an issue with too much sex in a movie, but I suppose in this one it is needed. It was a cute movie, but I am glad I didn’t waste money to see this in a theatre.

Our third movie was a little chick flick called You again. The story of a girl named Marnie, played by Kristen Bell, and life in high school and after. Seems she was teased a lot by the school bully Joanna, played by Odette Annable (Never heard of her, but she was in a Transformers movie). After high school Marnie becomes very successful in a PR company and also becomes very hot! [When I first met my wife and we were watching a lot of TV and movies, every time a famous actress or even a hot one came on the screen she would ask me if I would do them. At first I was afraid to answer but I finally figured out a way to make it good. The answer is almost always a “Yes – but I would rather do you.” That was how I answered when she asked about Kristen Bell.] Marnie never forgot about high school and the torture she experienced at the hands of Joanna – something she should really work on. It all comes to a head when she is invited back home, to her home town, to attend her brother’s wedding. If you guessed he was marring Joanna, you would be right. Less than an hour into the film we discover that Marnie’s and Joanna’s mom have history also, played by Jamie Lee Curtis and Sigourney Weaver. Victor Garber also has a role as Marnie’s Dad which he plays very well. Betty Davis has the best lines as Marnie’s grandma and near the end we even see Cloris Leachman in a very small cameo, but worth it. Marnie’s goal in this movie seems to be proving Joanna to be the mean person she really is instead of the one she is playing – all sugar and spice, and very nice. The ending wasn’t too much of a surprise to me but it was a cute movie. I gave it 3 stars on Netflix and it was the worse movie I saw this weekend, so in honor of that, the blooper reel. Enjoy.


As I was typing this out I realized that I had something in common with all of these movies. How about you?

Oh, by the way, next month is my Birthday month so watch for some special offers on my books, yes – even the one that I am trying to get my editor to look at. She seems to be stalling and that isn’t a good sign. And I also signed up for my very first Nanowrimo. The hardest part will be to ignore my editing and spelling mistakes as I pound away at the keyboard at 17 wpm. (Yeah, I’m practicing; however typing with a broken finger is a challenge.)


Hello, been a while – too long in fact.

My day started off fine, normal 3:15 wakeup call on the alarm, and then I spent a few hours flying around Azeroth with a snot nosed kid following me around. It is Orphan Week in Stormwind and I volunteered to take the little turd to Westfall and then to Ironforge. I couldn’t believe they opened up Old Ironforge to show off the frozen king beneath the throne. But the kid thought it was cool. After that a boat to Darnassus and then back to Stormwind for a kite and more fattening stuff. It’s bad enough I can’t stay away from it at home, but now it finds me out here as well. I can’t really say I was volunteering, since I got paid in good gold. If I have another chance, I need to get back to Shatterath City for the Darkmoon festival too. Last time I was there someone one was dancing around with a sword and almost split me open. Speaking of sword dances, I found a nice little trinket as I passed through the Badlands, a golden mug. When I rubbed it I saw an image, four dwarfs dancing around waving swords. It looked oddly familiar.

I took a second as I flew to glance around the real world. I noticed that one of my books got a review on Smashwords. It is about time! Thank you mystery reviewer for your honesty and reading my book. I never heard of John Norman or his Gor series of books until I looked him up on Wikapedia this morning, they look interesting, but honestly with all I have to do in Azeroth this week – I really don’t see me having the time to check them out.

Science Fiction is a strange genre to be sure, that is one reason it is called fiction. I’m sure you can compare every single book out there to someone else’s and to be honest I am flattered when my writing is compared to someone else’s. And one more thing, if you have seen as much horror and sci-fi as I have, something is bound to over flow. Trust me, if I would have read a canon of books (26 now I think) I would have remembered it.

Let me spend a few more hours in Azeroth….

The Last Airbender Kicked Ass on the fx, and Harry Potter returned again, and again, until the Paranormal Activity started.

We watched a lot of movies this weekend, thanks to the Harry Potter marathon ABC Family had on. My wife loves it, we have all the movies and will get the next two, but for me, I enjoy it for the special effects. However, once or twice a year is okay. Every other weekend is a little too much. She really wanted to see clips from the new movies so we put up with the commercials until about 7 pm.

I closed my eyes and grabbed an envelope, pulling out a DVD and slipping it into the player. The first movie we saw was Kick Ass. This is the story of the wimpy kid in school that wants to amount to something in life. Unfortunately he picked crime fighting.

His very first attempt is not very successful and he ends up in a hospital. But this doesn’t stop him and he continues fighting crime and eventually meets two more crime fighters, a father and daughter team, one of which is Nicholas Cage. (The only star I recognized in this.)

This movie has an interesting, if over used plot; the humor is almost there, with enough prate falls that you’re dying by the end, only because you had to sit through it. Surprisingly enough, the ending was okay, no goose bumps for me. It’s a great kid’s movie, except for the blood and language which knocks this movie up to the point where the kids won’t be able to see it.

 The next one we saw was The Last Airbender. I didn’t realize it at the time, but my stepdaughter informed me it was based on a cartoon. The cartoon was better, according to them, which according to me made this was a slow waste of good time. The special effects were great; the acting was a little over done. M. Night Shymalan wrote and directed this movie, but by far this is not his best. (Even if I did figure it out before it was revealed The Village is his best work.)

 One thing you must know about me before I throw in the last movie, I do not watch many newer horror movies because I don’t like the blood, gore and senseless screaming. Also, the last movie that actually made me jump out of my seat was a scene from Jaws.

Somehow, we got our hands on a copy of Paranormal Activity 2. The kids already saw it and let us know this was a prequel, which is good because I never saw Paranormal Activity 1. (It always makes sense to have the first part of a story line come after the first movie, just ask George Lucas.)

The story begins when a new family moves into a house and after a few break-ins, they install surveillance cameras throughout. The entire movie is seen through the eyes of these cameras and a video camera.

I liked the way this was told, very original idea with the cameras. I read on the IMDB that there were consistencies in this, but I have a feeling some of them were part of the story. (I had to tell the kids it was only a movie). A few scenes gave me goose bumps, but not one made me jump like I did in 1976, seated in a crowded theater watching Richard Dreyfuss scuba diving around the hull of an abandoned boat.

Of all the junk we watched this weekend this is the only one I would recommend, except for Harry Potter of course.

 I haven’t given myself the time to do any writing recently, (does this count?) or reading. I’m guessing that I am weird because I need absolute quiet when I do either. Not to mention the fact that I play in Azeroth way too much. However, the beginnings for a sequel to Journey of Tara are beginning to form in my head. By the time Nanowrimo kicks off I may have just enough notes to complete it.