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Where have you been?

Just the other day my Twitter went off, that does sound bad doesn’t it.

The talented Jennifer M Eaton asked a very good question: Where have you been?

I once was there,

But now I am not.

Even though I

Liked it a lot.

The hours were tough,

The work too damn easy.

Yes sometimes I slept,

But I woke up quickly.

A month before it all went down,

I began to wear a frown.

The company taking over

Just didn’t want me around.

Looking for something to ease my pain,

I searched the Internet for one more game.

Sucked down inside it I was,

Never saw it coming.

Second Life is my new buzz.

So for the missing comments, I apologize.

My inbox fills up daily and I must compromise.

Taking each one in turn,

Catch up reading that will make my eyes burn.

I’ll get to you as soon as I can,

Please don’t forget I’m an addictive kind of man.

To answer any question,

Yes I am still employed.

A different place,

A brand new schedule.

Too damn busy to check my Gmail!

Yeah, that explains it.