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Weekend Movies

We had a little more time on our hands this weekend and watched five movies, and a couple more episodes of the second season of Lost, (I’m still lost ~ and so are they.)

I should call this the Bill Nighy marathon, not on purpose.

The first three we watched were the Underworld movies, we started off with Underworld: Rise of the Lykins. If you like vampires and werewolves, this is your kind of movie. Just don’t think too hard about it as you are enjoying the blood and violence. I’m sure there was a lot in it, but it was hard to tell because it was so dark. This is not really the very beginning, but it is close.

Bill Nighy is Viktor, an ancient Vampire trying to preserve his race in a war against the lycans, better known as werewolves. Also along for the ride is his daughter Sonya, played by the beautiful Rhona Mitra. Born among the Creatures of the night is Lucian, played by Michael Sheen. He is different; he can change whenever he wants to into a werewolf. Victor keeps him as a slave, with a necklace that stops him from turning. All this takes place in the 1400’s I think. Lucian accidently falls in love with Sonya which pisses off Viktor and things start to change. I won’t ruin the ending, but you have all probably seen it anyway. It is basically a short little movie that was similar to Romeo and Juliette with a little Beauty and the Beast thrown in for fun. I enjoyed this very much; I have always between a sucker for good makeup and special effects. The main issue I had was the night scenes were a little too dark to make them out clearly. There was also no gratuitous sex in this one. I don’t think I would have liked living back then, everyone was always moody and fighting.

Next in line was Underworld. The sexy Kate Beckinsale is Selene, a Death Hunter (vampire) on the search for werewolves. She discovers deceit and a secret the wolves are looking for – some rare immortal blood is surging through the veins of Michael (played by Scott Speedman). During the whole movie she manages to wake up Victor who in turn has his own issues. I would be a little grumpy too if I had to sleep over four centuries. Through death and destruction, Michael and Selene escape and become the hunted. That’s where this ends…

…and Underworld Evolution begins. But first – another history lesson that invents – I mean introduces two brothers, one bitten by a bat, one bitten by a werewolf – both of immortal blood. (See above). They are basically the beginning of the races – Personally, I like Luanne Rice’s take on the beginnings of Vampires. I suppose that is what instantly turned me off to this series when I first saw them. This marathon was my wife’s idea, she loves all things vampires, but she refuses to watch Bela Lugosi in the original Dracula. Well back to the movie – Marcus, the next head vampire in line to be awaken wakes up pissed – he is the first, and he learns of the deceit that happened in the movie before him. After killing everyone in his coven, he starts his hunt for his brother – the werewolf. Through more violence, death, and a very short sex scene with Michael and Selene, things start to heat up with more action and death and rebirth and death. I am beginging to see a theme here.

Next – was Wild Target. Bill Nighy stars as a perfect hit man with a strong case of OCD. He always gets his man, or in this case, his woman. It seems to run in the family since his dad was in the same profession and his mother is behind him all the way. Until he decides not to kill a target (Hey – I’ve seen this theme before) who just happens to be Rose, played by Emily Blunt. He saves her instead and they are both now being chased by more killers hired by the guy that hired him. Unfortunately, along for the ride is Tony, played very badly by Rubert Grint. I think he was in here to give the movie some levity; it really didn’t need it because watching Bill Nighy as a serious all business hit man was funny enough. Also mixed up with the British humor – I thought this was a very good, sometimes humorous movie. It got three stars. I think Rubert did this to wash away the Harry Potter residue – in a few scenes we see him soaking in a bubble bath while smoking a cigarette and he ends up shooting one man twice, at which point Bill decides to make him his apprentice. Uhh,. Bill, he shot the SAME GUY TWICE! At the end of the movie I think he was still alive.

Even with that, it is still a pretty funny movie. Not the funniest, but pretty good.

Now for the clincher; there is a movie out there called Monters. This is not the animated movie but a Sci-Fi flick about some aliens brought back from the Moon, of all places. These are very dangerous to Earthlings and are kept in a quarantined zone in Mexico. This is where it lost me, well maybe that and the bad acting and the lousy effects that were so bad they could only be shot in the dark!

I had a little piece wrote up on Lost, but I seem to have misplaced it.

Oh, before I forget, check out Wistful Nebulae A great blog by a good friend, MPax.

Hope you liked today’s reviews. More to come next week, Kick-Ass and The Last Airbender