The Set’la

Dani is a normal, healthy 39 year old single woman living in Ohio. She enjoys her life as a loner, coming out of her house occasionally and dating only when she wants to. But one night, in an instant everything changes and she wakes up somewhere else. A strange world, strange creatures and even stranger Gods.

Review by: Kristie McMartin on Mar. 10, 2011 :  ***
I read this book in two nights! I wanted to find out what would happen next and couldn’t wait to turn a page. It is a wonderful adventure, well written and entertaining. I would recommend to anyone who enjoys fantasy, sci-fi, erotica and honestly a great adventure.

I’m a tough rater. Neil Gaiman Sandman gets my 5s and this book gets a 3 and a half (sadly, the site doesn’t give half options). Enjoy!

Review by: Kit Marlowe on Apr. 27, 2011 : (no rating)
Plot is lifted from the John Norman canon but, unlike Norman, Hutchinson does not follow through on the extraterrestrial kidnapping plot. Who exactly grabbed Dani and if he was able to do that, how (or why) did she end up not in his den but in the aerie of the anti-male troup? How does Dani learn all the words in a non-human language in less than a week? (Norman just inserts the language in the kidnapee’s brain. Hutchinson has her accomplish the impossible – learn all the words!) As an urban executive, how far can Dani walk in a day? And so on.

Badly edited, full of typos and wrong spelling, painful grammar.

Thanks for the reviews!

  1. This book has been removed while it goes through a minor edit, it shall return.

  2. After attempting to read the John Norman “Canon” about Gor – I have decided to complety ignore that last review. My book is no where near as terrible as that story. I admit the grammer is in need of work, but you can’t steal ideas from a series of books that you never heard of before. The person that reviewed this obviously was not paying attention. That is all.

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